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Welcome to the Dichotomies, Then Solutions! Podcast. This website is the home of a new type of podcast, one that will move you to ACTION, not existing to entertain you or make you laugh. Now, you just might laugh at some of the contradictory events that we run across in a search for rational answers. And it might ‘tickle’ [i.e., entertain] you upon hearing some of the stories that our guests or moderators speak, because truth really is stranger than fiction sometimes. But our primary purpose is to find SOLUTIONS for the problems in our immediate environment and beyond.

There are many people today who blame everyone but themselves for their current state. Not to say many conditions are not created from extenuating circumstances. However, I will say that those conditions are just that – CONDITIONS, that can be changed, walked away from, or otherwise, removed from one’s life if a concerted effort is made to do so. Sometimes, a radical change of mind must occur. Sometimes, everything you’ve believed in the past must be thrown away, like so much trash. But there ARE solutions for everything. We already know what hasn’t worked; at what point do you change the approach for successful results? When you’re on your last leg? I don’t think so.

The parakeet rests on his journey; Summer, 2018. (c)2018, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.
The parakeet rests on his [or her?] journey; Summer, 2018. (c) 2018, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.

The parakeet shown above turned up all of a sudden. She [or he?] parked there to rest before going on her way. She looked at me as if to say, ‘Why are you taking my picture? I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary.’ It lasted at least 15-20 minutes. Where ever she’d escaped from, she had enough and said I need air, I have to go. She was no longer going to wait and see what someone else would do; she took immediate action.

That’s what should happen to society. We can’t continue to sit and let the bottom drop from under us without taking any actions to either throw a pre-emptive strike when we see it coming, or have the strength to circumvent and redirect any adverse actions back towards the perpetrators themselves. Like the Biblical passages that repeatedly show that unrighteousness will always fall in the hole they’ve dug for someone else. Believe it. It’s doable. That’s what this podcast will provide – SOLUTIONS. No more, no less.

We look forward to your subscriptions and involvement in an intellectual dialog that brings healing, answers and a better life for all who listen and take action. Look forward to having a place to just analyze and talk it through.

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