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“Dichotomies, Then Solutions!” Podcast (DTS) is here to provide RATIONAL, ACTIONABLE ANSWERS to societal problems.  Too much time is spent complaining without even an attempt to fix the issue immediately. Time isn’t waiting for those who are still sleepwalking. 

The DTS podcast is like a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of hearing problems without any solutions. Correcting the small things that we see happen but usually ignore make a big difference. Yes, we all have to vote to make this thing change, but this time – will we have a plan to hold every elected official accountable for all of those promises made during election season [with one imminently on the horizon]? That’s what we’ve been missing. 

This isn’t just a political matter – it can be applied across the board. Someone feeds us a line, we become gullible, and they walk away with the spoils. When we timidly ask for results, they give all kinds of reasons why we should wait, it’s coming. Of course, it never does, but we’re so pliable by then, it doesn’t matter. 

Other Sites

Prior to creating the podcast, we’ve had a long run on the Internet, with sites that have existed since 2011. Check out a different perspective on our sites shown below, because the truth really does make you free.

 NEW DISPENSATION WEBSITES — Our main website was launched in January 2013. NDW is a place where all of the best features of the ‘Net are available in one place. Web hosting, corporate services, or a Word to get you through. In May 2014, we added a forum there for women who’ve successfully beat BREAST CANCER – No More Biopsy Blues! The forum will be expanded to include patients who may have other types of this scourge, because the info and advice can apply to anyone diagnosed with some form of cancer.

2020: IMMEDIATE CHANGE – A site that discusses an American life, with a special section on A Pre-Geriatric Saga: The Biopsy Blues. This is a 7-part story on how one conquers breast cancer and keeps moving towards their goal with a clear mind, in spite of the obstacles encountered. Other articles are generally observations of life today. 

IT’S NOT POLITICAL, IT’S JUST LIFE – This is political discourse, without the spin. So many events are taking place that directly affect our lives, there are too many to keep up with. Our focus is to make sense of the nonsensical politics we endure daily. 

WEBCLASS99 – This site was specifically for a class taken previously. The objective was to keep track of ‘progress,’ as well as include links to relevant web development insights ran across while browsing. It turned out to be much more; a repository for tech articles that I think will bring light to an interesting field. 

There are so many relevant topics that directly affect our lives. All of our sites will provide enough information upon which to base an intelligent decision. Please subscribe by leaving your e-mail address to be notified of new editorials or posts. In the meantime, feel free to visit our other blogs or read the articles on this site.

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