“Dichotomies, Then Solutions!” Inaugural Podcast

Welcome to the inaugural broadcast of “DICHOTOMIES, THEN SOLUTIONS!” The purpose is to present topics that affect our society and solutions for those problems. There won’t be a lot of time spent talking about what’s wrong; everyone already knows what’s wrong, but there will be clarity. Our time will be focused on how to correct a matter, so it won’t happen again. If society, our government, and so many others, had been doing that on a regular basis, we wouldn’t find ourselves in this pandemic situation right now. An entire department of the Federal government who dealt with such matters was dismantled last year. The way it looks now, it was dismantled in anticipation for this to happen. But that’s a topic for another day.

On this sunny Spring day, it’s #53 for Corona Lockdown. Our state ceased movement back on March 21st. Now, there are people who are challenging the governor’s orders to extend the lockdown after April 30. It seems not to matter that the coronavirus cases haven’t subsided enough to create a measurable reduction. In fact, they’re increasing. Whether it’s because there’s more tests being done, or there’s more infection going around, really doesn’t matter. What matters is a pervasive appearance that the people who are overwhelmingly affected by this virus are expendable. And that’s just not true. We can’t accept it, or anything that looks like it. Those who are wailing about getting back to work aren’t the majority of people who are dying by the minute.

A classmate in an online class said something very profound recently. She said that white people usually haven’t experienced the level of being without as they are now, and they can’t take it. This why they are marching on state capitals with fully automatic assault rifles. We, on the other hand – no matter how unfortunate it is to acknowledge – have been here before. How many times has the proverbial rug been pulled out from under us, and we made it through? Too many to count, I’m sure. We also tend not to take automatic assault rifles in the car to our protests.

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So, what do we do about it? There are so many options available. One of our primary problems is that we never think about the power we already have. We grant power to some and immediately REQUEST some lenience for our grievances or conditions. What we overlook is that we have the power to DEMAND what we want as a human being, going toe-to-toe, without submission.

One of the best papers I’ve read recently was from a May interview on Black Agenda Report’s podcast[1]. Dr. Anthony P. Farley’s paper “Perfecting Slavery[2],” discusses this concept of us still being slaves because we give our power to those who’s permission we ask to obtain or do anything. Conversely, we retain our power by demanding what we want, not asking with hat in hand. That is so true. But after gaining this insight, what’s the next step? I will discuss it in our next edition.

Thank you for your time; I look forward to speaking to you again. If you have questions or comments on what you’ve heard today, please send them to me at comments@dichotomies-podcast.live. And I want you to participate in this exchange of knowledge, not just be a lump on the couch. You have something valuable to add to the conversation, and we need to hear it.  A transcript of this broadcast will be available on the website at https://dichotomies-podcast.live.

Remember, you can always access the podcast recordings from the any page using the Off-Canvas Menu [look for the lines & dots to your left]. 

Be blessed and stay safe.

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[1] https://soundcloud.com/user-92939733/the-black-progress-narrative-is-self-defeating

[2] Anthony P. Farley. “Perfecting Slavery.” Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 36, (2005): 225-256.

The Pod Lady

The Pod Lady

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