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A Stellar View.

Where did you get that name?

The “Dichotomies, Then Solutions!” Podcast is a representation of the city I live in. On one side of town, there are 100 year-old bungalows, apartment buildings and commercial areas that have been preserved and are thriving, if you can pay the price. The occupants can easily get a loan to upkeep their properties. The dichotomy [opposite] of them are the bungalows, apartment buildings and commercial areas built by the same architects and workmen, but in barely-habitable conditions. This isn’t because the occupants don’t want to get bank loans for the upkeep of their properties, it’s because the systemic racism in this city won’t allow it. So they do what they can, and eventually either sell or let their properties go down the tank. Not the way to live. 

This applies not only to real estate in this great city. The year 2020 brought to light many disparities that the Black population around the country has known for years. Medical care, education… One teenage protester recently said the books in her high school were from 2000, how can she learn anything new. I agree with that statement 100%. The DTS Podcast’s intent is to discuss them all, and find solutions. 

We’re at a critical point in history; you’ve heard that before, but this time, it’s true. We can’t remain with our heads in the sand and then say, nothing’s changed. You really can ‘be’ that change. Shut up and do something! Rational, not foolish. 


A View of Oak Lawn, IL.
A View of Oak Lawn, IL. (c)2017, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.

Picture credits: A Stellar View on a Summer Day. (c) 2017, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.


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