Welcome to the Dichotomies, Then Solutions! Podcast. This website is the home of a new type of podcast, one that will move you to ACTION, not existing to entertain you or make you laugh. Then again, there’s a show going on in our government, but it’s not necessarily funny. Truth is really stranger than fiction sometimes. However, our primary purpose is to find SOLUTIONS for the problems in our immediate environment and beyond. 

There are many in this city who blame everyone but themselves for their current state. Not to say many conditions are definitely not created by those who suffer from them. Nevertheless, I will say that those conditions are just that – CONDITIONS, that can be changed, walked away from, or otherwise, removed from one’s life. A concerted effort must be made to cause it to happen. It takes a complete change of mind; with that, comes a change of actions. Recall the old saying that doing the same thing while expecting different results is a sign of insanity. This is 2020; there is no more time to play if we want to become viable in all aspects of life. 

Parakeet Lands, Summer 2018.
The Parakeet Dichotomy; landing on a high floor. (c) 2018, JSB*Art. All Rights Reserved.

The parakeet above wasn’t scared to go out of his [or her?] comfort zone in order to get something done. He rested there for about 15 minutes, then continued on his journey. It was so disconcerting to see him that high. He was totally unconcerned about it. His focus was on his next step. And he made it! 

That’s what should happen to society. We can’t continue to sit and let things happen without taking any actions to either throw a pre-emptive strike, or be able to circumvent and redirect any adverse actions towards the perpetrators themselves. It’s doable. That’s what this podcast will provide – SOLUTIONS. No more, no less. 

We look forward to your subscriptions and involvement in an intellectual dialog that brings healing, answers and a better life for all who listen. 

The Pod Lady

The Pod Lady

There are too many complaints in the world, but not enough solutions from those running off at the mouth. I am, above all, a woman of action. I'd like to share that trait with my audience and together, we'll come up with solutions that you didn't think were possible. And it won't take forever to do so.

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